Your work is joyful and let me dream away! The beautiful choice of colours – especially the blue paintings and the soft lines melting into each other.
It makes my home a warmer and more sophisticated place. C., Germany.

I was first attracted by your art because of the colours! The softness of the images you paint. Everyone comments on the painting. D.,UK.

Just so that you know - I took your paintings first when I left for T. - they are both in my bedroom, and make me feel happy and serene every time I look at them! C.L., France.

I love your work. I've realised that what it does for me is to help me be in A beautiful moment, which then helps me be in the current moment. Like the one called Lying in the grass-thinking of everything. It makes me feel like I'm lying in a field surrounded by beautiful flowers, insects and a great blue sky which activates all of my senses, I start taking in deep calming breaths, which then makes me alive to the current moment. Does that make sense? Hope so! K.,London UK.

I liked the vibrancy of the colours and the abstract designs which you can interpret in a number of different ways. I also liked the texture achieved by using different mediums.I think both paintings are quite unusual pieces and probably not to everyone’s taste, but that is fine, no art probably is, but we love them! A., UK

Something about the semi-abstract layouts appealed to me, inducing a feeling of calm, like the feeling of being in sunshine. It has provided a previously empty wall with warmth and feeling.
The dining room it is in now feels more complete and personal. R. London, UK.